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El autor ha experimentado con sus alumnos sus temores e inquietudes y también sus esperanzas. Por eso, este texto servirá para transmitir a los opositores tranquilidad y seguridad ante la meta que se han propuesto: aprobar una oposición.

Suzanne Conklin Akbari es Estudios Medievales, Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, y se formó en Johns Hopkins y Columbia. Es autora de libros sobre óptica y alegoría (Seeing Through the Veil) y la visión europea del Islam y Oriente (Idols in the East), y ha editado colecciones sobre literatura de viajes (Marco Polo), estudios mediterráneos (A Sea of Languages) e historias somáticas (The Ends of the Body).

James Simpson es Catedrático de Inglés Donald P. y Katherine B. Loker en la Universidad de Harvard. Anteriormente fue catedrático de Inglés Medieval y Renacentista en la Universidad de Cambridge. Sus libros más recientes son Reform and Cultural Revolution, volumen 2 de la Oxford English Literary History (Oxford University Press, 2002); Burning to Read: English Fundamentalism and its Reformation Opponents (Harvard University Press, 2007), y Under the Hammer: Iconoclasm in the Anglo-American Tradition (Oxford University Press, 2010).

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In addition, it has a more than accessible syllabus that makes many opponents, when they consider opposing, do not run away when they see the volume of the subject of study. Below, we explain in detail everything you need to know about the syllabus of the oppositions of administrative assistant.

On the other hand, since they are places for Administrative Assistant, in all the calls are required knowledge of Administrative Law issues, such as, for example, the administrative act, the administrative procedure or administrative resources. These topics are based on legislation, so it can be complicated for those who are not experts in law to study them directly from the laws in question. Therefore, having an explanatory syllabus where the concepts are clarified with an understandable non-legal language, using examples or explaining certain more complex concepts through videos is essential.

In addition, this part of the syllabus is very important to be very well prepared because, if in addition to the type test we have to overcome practical cases, it is very common that these cases are related to this subject. When preparing for this competition, in addition to a complete and updated syllabus, we must have this type of exercises to practice.

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Regarding his classes: they are always very complete and above all help to understand everything in detail, no matter if it is the first time he explains it or not, he always explains it in detail as if it were the first time, and that is very important for me because, on the one hand, if you already know it serves as a review, and on the other hand, if it is the first time you see it, it helps you to understand it without any problem.

As for the organization of the classes, they are perfect: both in content and schedule. The explanation and correction of things are always complete in the sense that everything begins and ends, not like, I speak from my personal experience, the academies that start and if they don’t have time to finish, they leave it for the next day.

At the beginning of the classes I had a base, I had already attended classes in an academy and had mastered both Word and Excel, but the classes had nothing to do with it. The academy I went to gave you office automation classes, first all of Word and then all of Excel, with practical exercises, but nothing to do with what they ask for in the exam and then at the end they started to give you simulations. With Luis it is not like that, with Luis they are classes to pass a competition, focused on that, with mock exams from the beginning and from these exercises he goes into the subject. From the beginning the simulations are of word processing and calculus to go with both at the same time and since they are exam-type simulations you try to do them faster and faster and put yourself in the situation.

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