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The heraldry or science of the coat of arms has a military origin, it arose as a result of the evolution experienced by the military equipment between the XI and XII centuries, the transformations experienced in the helmets used by the knights gave place to that of progressive form the face was covered: the nose is protected by a nasal, the coat of mail that protects the head and the neck, tends to cover the low part of the face and is definitively closed by a movable visor. This circumstance made it practically impossible to recognize the face of a knight, so it was convenient to adopt symbols that allowed to differentiate the members of one’s own side from the enemies. Initially the coats of arms had a personal component since they began to be used by monarchs who carried them painted on their shields (late eleventh century), the use of armorial bearings spread progressively among the high nobility, rich men, the lower nobility and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (thirteenth century). Later, heraldry lost its personal component when it was adopted by cities, towns and groups such as guilds and associations.

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26Another amalgam was reinforced during the war by the actions of the Guardia Civil: the one that the authorities made between the bandits and the insurgents. The Institute did not limit its military action to its role as military police but intervened directly in the operations. Its mission of protecting the population could not be the same in a territory at war where the military tactic itself made the rural population a permanent target. Its troops were distributed along the 62 kilometers of the Trocha, arranged to organize ambushes, protect telegraph stations, railroad lines and other supply routes. The usual tactics of the Civil Guard even inspired the deployment of troops in pairs along the roads and even the formation of counter-guerrilla parties.50

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31The measures against vagrancy completed the device against the bandits and sought to prevent the mass of blacks from joining the protest, whether pro-independence or working class; it was a matter of silencing the resistance in the countryside, covering the entire rural population as a cover for the bandits.63 However, the conceptions of “disorder” that dominated among the military and were at the root of the constitution of the Civil Guard, tended to aggravate the disturbances. Unable to control or repress the multiplicity of forms of rural protest, the authorities persisted in considering that the problem came from “ringleaders”. The tension in some bandit figures capable of “dragging” some “illusions”, a priori different from “the society” or “the population”, led to the criminalization of the latter and, by using extremely brutal methods, to turn the fight against the bandits into a war against the whole of the Cuban rural society.

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The case of the kidnapping and murder of Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala, two young men accused of belonging to ETA who were kidnapped in Bayonne and taken to San Sebastian, would mean the end of their career. The bodies were found under a blanket of quicklime far from San Sebastian, in Busot (Alicante). It was not until much later, in 1995, that the human remains were identified.

In 1995 Rodríguez Galindo was promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General by the socialist minister, Juan Alberto Belloch, when the shadow of doubt about his methods and some of his actions was already high. His conviction led to his expulsion from the Corps in 2002 and the loss of his military status. Shortly before the conviction became final, his daughter Kika said in a letter, sent to her father on the eve of the Supreme Court’s review of the appeal against his sentence, that the greatest dishonor was precisely to have expelled him from the Corps: “To think that they can tear off your sacred uniform devastates your soul and petrifies your breath,” she wrote in the digital publication Benemérita al día.

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