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Operates maritime lines connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Italy, Northern Europe, the west coast of Africa and Cape Verde. It provides port logistics services through its six maritime terminals in the Canary Islands, Galicia and Andalusia, as well as Project Cargo services.

In Latin America, through Naviera del Mercosur, it offers multimodal logistics for transporting dry and refrigerated goods on the Paraná-Paraguay waterway, one of the largest navigable systems on the planet. The waterway connects the ports of Asunción, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

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In Hospitales Tráfico we are specialists in the medical management of traffic accidents and we want to help you find the hospitals and clinics of reference. Not always the hospital we are sent to when we suffer a traffic accident is the best option, therefore, we offer you our network of specialized hospitals so that you can find the best health care after the accident.

Medical procedures can be tedious and we know the frustration caused by long queues at the Social Security. In addition, many times we do not know what steps to follow in case of having suffered any type of injury due to a traffic accident.

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For example, did you know that you have the right to choose the doctor or hospital in case of an accident? You can also follow your rehabilitation treatment in the center that suits you best. Do you want to know more?

The network of hospitals and private clinics that you will find in our search engine are specialized in accident treatment. In case you need physiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions, we have also selected the reference centers near you.

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As if it was a cold shower. This is how the defenders of the electric car perceived the words of the director of the DGT, Pere Navarro, about this controversial means of transport. In a disconcerting way, the director of the DGT declared in a recent act that they had “made the mistake” of selling a “very expensive” car, throwing away the efforts of the Government to encourage the purchase of non-polluting vehicles.

10:30 am. Weather: sunny. Traffic in Madrid at this time is heavy, but once we leave the capital and head for Cadiz it will dissipate. Ahead, more than 600 kilometers that few have dared to do. “In Cadiz and Galicia is where it is most difficult to get there with an electric car, because there are almost no points,” explained another AUVE member. Before starting, we set the ECO driving mode to extend battery life as much as possible. With it, accelerations will be of lower intensity and when we release the accelerator the engine will retain energy, which will be stored in the battery. We also set the speed limiter at 120 km/h, because the important thing is to get there. We have 96% of battery charged, with which we can do -in theory- 462 kilometers. We set off for Cadiz. First destination: La Carolina, Jaén, 258 km away.

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The season ticket is a personal and non-transferable transport ticket, which allows you to make a daily round trip for the selected route, of the lines under the concession Madrid – Segovia, within its temporary validity, at a reduced price.

The validity of the voucher begins on the date determined by the customer, within 30 days after the date of recharge (see special conditions in the case of virtual voucher).

The use of the monthly pass is personal and non-transferable, being forbidden the use of the same by third parties, as well as the use of reservations issued for this pass, reserving the company the right to withdraw this pass temporarily and/or definitively if it detects this irregularity.

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The issuance of the voucher is associated with a fee established by the company that the user will pay when picking up the card (the delivery of the card will be associated with the recharge of the same), or when it is created through the web for the virtual voucher.

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